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levonorgestrel is marketed alone or in combination with an estrogen specifically ethinylestradiol, estradiol, or estradiol valerate under a multitude of brand names throughout the world, including alesse , altavera, alysena, amethia, amethyst, ashlyna, aviane, camrese, chateal, climara pro , daysee, emerres, enpresse, erlibelle, escapelle , falmina, introvale, isteranda, jadelle , jaydess , jolessa, klimonorm , kurvelo, kyleena, lessina, levlen , levodonna, levonelle , levonest, levosert, levora, liletta, loette , logynon , loseasonique , lutera, lybrel, marlissa, microgynon , microlut , min-ovral, miranova , mirena , my way, myzilra, next choice, nordette , norgeston, norlevo, norplant , option 2, orsythia, ovima, ovranette, plan b , plan b one-step , portia, postinor , postinor-2 , ramonna, rigevidon , quartette, quasense, seasonale , seasonique , skyla , sronyx, tri-levlen, trinordiol , triphasil, triquilar , tri-regol , trivora, and upostelle, among many others.

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alesse is a combination birth control pill.


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