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The intravenous injection is used when high concentrations of aciclovir are required.

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aciclovir inn or acyclovir usan, former ban is a guanine analogue antiviral drug used most commonly to treat outbreaks of herpes simplex on the skin mouth, lips, genitals, anus , outbreaks of shingles herpes zoster , and chickenpox.

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though zovirax ointment or aciclovir does not cause any serious side effects, the most common side effects that many individuals experience is a burning sensation near the sore or the site of application.

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if you are suffering from kidney disease, you must consult your gp prior to taking aciclovir tablets.

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manufacturer and trade names diverse manufacturers, therefore several trade names such as aciclobeta , aciclostad , aciclovir , zovirax .

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if you miss a dose of aciclovir, take it as soon as possible.


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