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Dilantin can pass into breast milk and may harm a breastfeeding baby.

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each 100 mg dilantin- 100 mg extended phenytoin sodium capsule, usp -contains 100 mg phenytoin sodium.

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if you take dilantin the generic name is phenytoin and are a medicare beneficiary, please know that original medicare offers limited coverage of prescription drugs.

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you should not use dilantin you are allergic to phenytoin or similar medicines such as ethotoin peganone , fosphenytoin cerebyx , or mephenytoin mesantoin , or if you have .

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the nurse has given medication instructions to the client receiving phenytoin dilantin .

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com advisory scheme21 paper3 best 100 mg dilantin url medicine to stop vomiting.

, dilantin higher blood levels of these medicines and an increased chance of side effects may occur penicillamine robaxin 750 mg no rx. e.

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