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Furthermore, a pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interaction could occur between ethionamide and alcohol.

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Brand namesTrecatorWyethNisotinTrescatylM&BAetinaEthimideIridocinBayerTio-Mid.

Nausea can be severeVomitinganorexiametallic tasteabdominal discomfortdiarrhoea and weight loss are also commonHepatotoxicity is reported in about 2of patients taking the drugNervous system toxicity may canadian price cialis 20mg. be responsive to niacin or pyridoxinesee Appendix 2

This medication is not recommended for use during pregnancyIt may harm an unborn babyConsult your doctor for more details.

The dosage is based on your ageweightmedical conditionand response to treatment.

Hepatic failuresNo specific recommendationsbut ethionamide is hepatically clearedso caution xenical cena. is required.

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