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merck has already had to absorb lost revenue from several major products due to patent expiration or product withdrawal, including vioxx rofecoxib, withdrawn in 2004 , proscar finasteride, 2005 , fosamax alendronate, 2008 , and, in the past two years, cozaar and zocor simvastatin .

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without the hoped-for boost in cancer prevention–and despite competition from merck s mrk proscar and propecia–avodart has continued to deliver hundreds of millions in sales annually and blockbuster-level revenue in recent years.

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note 2 an alternate reason sometimes given for the use of 1mg propecia rather than 5mg proscar is the safety risk to a pregnant female that comes in contact with the powder created when a 5mg pill is cut into four pieces, which is a recognized concern in the fda labeling and elsewhere.


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