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Hep C is a disease of the liver that is caused by a virusA virus is a very tiny germ that infects a cell and causes the cell to makes copies of the virus in a process called replicationThe hepatitis C virus has at least six different strainswhich are also known as genotypes.

Pegasys is a new generation hepatitis C therapyIn combination with CopegusPegasys is the only pegylated interferon that offers all patient groupsgenotype 1 and non-1even with difficult-to-treat advanced liver diseaseCompared to standard interferon it tadalafil 5mg kaufen niederlande. offers more patientswith even difficult-to-treat and advanced liver diseasea better chance of a cure when compared with non-pegylated interferonIt is given once-weekly by injection and compared to standard combination therapyPegasys is associated with a significant reduction in the incidence of certain side-effects such as flu-like symptomsdepression and hair loss.

We evaluated the efficacy and tolerability of peginterferon alfa-2a40KDplus ribavirin combination therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis C who had previously failed to respond or who responded and subsequently relapsed after conventional IFN plus ribavirin therapy.

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Copegus must be used together with an interferon alfa productsuch as PegasysPegIntronSylatronor Intron Ato treat chronic hepatitis C.

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