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Went and played down and finally went to sleep,woke up around 1130 itching like crazy and noticed my fingers were looking swollen, took a hot shower thinking this would help,rubbed more cortisone cream, went to try to lay back down through the next 2 1 2 hours my right hand was swollen, at 3am sent my husband for some benadryl pills and cream took them at 330am took the benadryl pills by this time both hands and fore arms started swelling,watching to see if the benadryl would help by 430 am my fingers started turning blue.

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allergies loratadine claritin or generic brands is safer, as effective, and less sedating than other nonprescription allergy drugs, such as chlor-trimeton and benadryl allergy.

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if he got more mystery hives in school and they had to inject him all the time then i would allow benadryl as i wouldn t want him to be injected for just a couple of mystery hives that clear on their own whithin 1 2 hour.

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in most cases, benadryl is completely safe to use and causes no ill effects whatsoever, but in a few rare instances, benadryl is not safe to use in dogs and if administered, it can cause all kinds of health problems.

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