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Other side effects reported since indinavir has been marketed include allergic reactions; severe skin reactions; yellowing of the skin and or eyes; heart problems including heart attack; stroke; abdominal swelling; indigestion; inflammation of the kidneys; decreased kidney function; inflammation of the pancreas; joint pain; depression; itching; hives; change in skin color; hair loss; ingrown toenails with or without infection; crystals in the urine; painful urination; numbness of the mouth; increased cholesterol; pain and difficulty moving shoulder.

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limited data suggest indinavir is excreted into breast-milk.

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indinavir sulfate should be dispensed and stored in the original container.

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we found that blood concentrations of indinavir boosted with ritonavir at a dose of 400 100 mg twice daily during the second and third trimester of pregnancy were significantly reduced compared with the early post-partum period.

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coadministration is not recommended because indinavir serum levels may be reduced, decreasing the clinical effect and possibly leading to resistance to indinavir or the class of protease inhibitors.

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we have chosen to use the mw of a child to calculate the indinavir dose.
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Patients should be closely monitored for possible indinavir toxicity during concurrent administration; indinavir dosage reductions may be necessary.

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