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However, three broad principles apply in all herds 1 the degree of exposure of neonates should be reduced by isolating diseased animals or by moving calving and calf rearing to a separate area, and by practicing good general hygiene; 2 nonspecific resistance should be maximized by providing good nutrition to the dam and neonate and assuring that newborn calves consume 5 of their body wt of high-quality colostrum, preferably within 2 hr and certainly within 6 hr of birth, followed by equivalent amounts at 12-hr intervals for the next 48 hr; and 3 the specific resistance of the newborn should be increased by vaccinating the dam or the newborn.

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has not been present in the curricula of medical colleges and the issue has not formed a part of the received wisdom of practicing physicians.

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the debate of the role and safety of statins in primary prevention raises very important issues for practicing clinicians.

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