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Isoniazid is recommended as preventive therapy for the following groups, regardless of age.

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Although safinamide is a selective monoamine oxidase inhibitor type b, there is a risk of hypertension during ingestion of substances high in tyramine or during concurrent use of other drugs with maoi activity such as isoniazid, since brand cialis no prescription. the maoi-b selectivity of safinamide decreases with increasing dosages.

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B c d isoniazid should be restarted in very small dosages and gradually increased; discontinue immediately if there is any indication of recurrent hypersensitivity reaction.

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May increase serum levels of isoniazid and potentiate the adverse effects of other antituberculous drugs when used concurrently.

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these enzymes are involved in synthesis of mycolic acids, and mutations have been found in the promoter regions, or less commonly in the genes that encode these proteins inha , acpm , and kasa , in clinical isolates that exhibit low-level resistance to isoniazid for review 8 .