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Simultaneously with drugs that affect blood clotting, tamoxifen should be used with caution, adjusting the dose.


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4 mg of tamoxifen citrate which is equivalent to 20 mg of tamoxifen.

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leflunomide, flutamide, nimodipine, mexiletine, sulindac, tranilast, 4-hydroxytamoxifen, and omeprazole are pharmaceuticals previously characterized as aryl hydrocarbon receptor ahr agonists in various cell lines and animal models.

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tamoxifen is used to prevent breast cancer recurrence.

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femara was superior to tamoxifen in ttp and rate of objective tumor response see table 12 .

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as a breast cancer coach, i have heard many shocking stories from clients about things their doctors have told them when being offered tamoxifen.
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If you want more information about domperidone from new zealand. tamoxifen, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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