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high doses of digoxin may produce a variet y of rhy thm disturbances, such as first-degree, second-degree wenckebach , or third-degree heart block including asystole ; atrial tachycardia with block; av dissociation; accelerated junctional nodal rhy thm; unifocal or multiform ventricular premature contractions especially bigeminy or trigeminy ; ventricular tachycardia; and ventricular fibrillation.

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digoxin is prescribed to alleviate some symptoms of heart failure.

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monitor patients to assure diuretic efficacy including antihypertensive effects 7 digoxin concomitant use with voveran-d sodium and misoprostol can increase serum concentration and prolong half-life of digoxin.

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The active ingredients of the digifab 38 mg 1 injection, powder, lyophilized, for solution are ovine digoxin immune fab and its generic name is ovine digoxin immune fab, which is manufactured by savage laboratories, a division of nycomed us inc.

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