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Adiologic studis involving th us intavascula iodinatd contast matials (xampl, intavnous uogam, intavnous cholangiogaphy, angiogaphy, and computd tomogaphy (CT) scans with intavascula contast matials) can lad tacut altation nal unction and hav bn associatd with lactic acidosis in patints civing mtomin [s CONTAINDICATIONS ]. Tho, in patints in whom any such study is plannd, ACTOPLUS MT should b discontinud at th tim pitth pocdu, and withhld 48 hous subsqunt tth pocdu and institutd only at nal unction has bn -valuatd and doxycycline 500 mg. ound tb nomal.

Mtomin may stimulat ovulation in a pmnopausal woman and may incas th isk unintndd pgnancy. Talk tyou doctabout you isk.

Distibutd by: Takda Phamacuticals Amica, Inc., Dild, IL 60015. visd: Jul 2014.

In contolld clinical tials mtomin, a dcas tsubnomal lvls pviously nomal sum vitamin B12 lvls, without clinical manistations, potd; ctain individuals (thos with inadquat vitamin B12 calcium intak absoption) appa tb pdisposd tdvloping subnomal vitamin B12 lvls; in ths patints, outin sum vitamin B12 masumnts at two- tth-ya intvals may b usul.

Patints whhav sum ALT gat than th tims th nc ang with sum total biliubin gat than twtims th nc ang without altnativ tiologis a at isk sv dug-inducd liv injuy, and should not b statd on ACTOPLUS MT. patints with lss lvations sum ALT biliubin and with an altnat pobabl caus, tatmnt with ACTOPLUS MT can b usd with caution.

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