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Individual intolerance to the active ingredient or other components of the medication dehydration hypokalemia and/or hyponatremialow potassium and/or sodium content in the bloodfailure of renal function comatose or precomatose condition due to hepatic encephalopathy pregnancy breastfeeding.

Overdose and treatment Signs and symptoms of overdose include profound electrolyte and volume depletionwhich may precipitate circulatory collapseTreatment is chiefly supportivereplace fluids and electrolytes.

Lasix overdose results in rapid dehydrationThe BCC decreasesthe volume of circulating bloodand cardiac arrhythmias and/or blockades developBlood pressure also sharply dropsacute renal failure occursand consciousness is disturbed.

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if given in excessive quantities, furosemide will cause depletion of water and electrolytes.